2024 Rieslingfreak No.8 Polish Hill River Schatzkammer Riesling
2024 Rieslingfreak No.8 Polish Hill River Schatzkammer Riesling


2024 Clare Valley

Sourced from our Polish Hill River vineyard, situated 5km South-East of the Clare township. The vineyard is owned by Rob and Lyn Jaeschke, who purchased the vineyard from Penfolds in 2010. The vineyard is on grey-brown loam, over sandy limestone and shale rock. Riesling Block “D6” which is specially selected for the No.8 is a tiny planting of just 0.4 ha, situated in a small gully bordered by a steep hill to the North, and the tree-lined bank of a creek to the South. The vines are approximately 20 years old, planted on 44 year old root stock and are planted in an East-West direction. With an abundance of natural acidity in the grapes, 2024 makes for an exciting vintage for our iconic “Schatzkammer” Riesling. The bouquet is sweetly scented with aromas of custard apple, passionfruit, pineberry and ylang ylang, which carry through onto the lusciously flavoured palate. This wine is low in alcohol, with a finely-tuned balance of succulent residual sweetness and tangy natural acidity that balances, seemingly effortlessly, on a knife edge of precision. While the luscious sweetness flows across the tip of the tongue, carrying a fruit basket of flavours and sweetshop memories with it, this seamlessly gives way to a line of racy natural acidity that drives the length of the palate to a clean, crisp finish - the ultimate hallmark of the very best examples of this unique style of Riesling.


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