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2024 Vintage Notes

The lead up to the 2024 vintage was atypical for Clare and Eden Valleys with unusually warm and dry conditions through the Winter and Spring of 2023. However, three consecutive preceding years of record-breaking rainfall ensured soils, dams and aquifers were well supplied with abundant moisture. While the rains were scarce, a severe hailstorm in late November caused significant damage across the Clare Valley south of Watervale, as well as the northern reaches of the Barossa. Fortunately, our vineyards were largely unaffected. Polish Hill River and White Hutt lie further to north of the impacted areas and our sole vineyard block at Watervale was largely spared. Hail damage throughout Eden Valley was sporadic and comparatively minor.

Summer temperatures and rainfall were in line with the long-term average with sporadic rains dissipating entirely with the onset of Autumn. The Barossa Valley would experience its driest autumn on record, receiving only 15% of the long-term average rainfall for the season. The dry ripening season ensured zero disease pressure with cooler conditions in late summer & early autumn and occasional short bursts of warmer weather ensuring maximum flavour development & natural acid retention.

Rieslingfreak commenced harvest on February 15 – a full month earlier than the very late start in 2023 and much closer to the long-term average for vintage. The 2024 harvest began with a small parcel of grapes from our family vineyard at White Hutt for our No.9 “Sekt” Sparkling Riesling. The remainder of the vineyard was selectively harvested over 4 days in quick succession. No.1, No.3, No.5, No.6, No.7 wines plus an extremely special parcel for a one-off wine to celebrate John’s 50th Birthday – to be released this year as the No.50. This is the first time that seven different Rieslings have been produced from the family vineyard in a single vintage. Testament to the supreme quality and diversity of Riesling this year.

Completing harvest of White Hutt in just 4 days, we continued to the Polish Hill River and Flaxman Valley vineyards shortly thereafter with all but one of our vineyards being harvested by the 1st of March. Vintage concluded on March 7 with a small parcel from the Avon Brae Vineyard at Springton bound No.4.

Crop levels in 2024 were slightly reduced across both regions due to both minor hail damage from the late November storm in 2023 and drier than usual growing conditions. But there was still plenty of perfectly pristine Riesling to be had.

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