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2022 Vintage Notes

After 4 years of drought conditions, the winter of 2021 heralded the arrival of La Niña, and with it we welcomed the return of generous winter rains.

2021 was the wettest winter on record for the Barossa (Eden Valley) at 48% above average, while Clare was also blessed with soaking rainfall at 23% above average. These wet conditions replenished soil water and filled dams and aquifers to levels not seen since 2017, setting up perfect conditions for spring growth. Rain continued into spring with slightly above average spring rainfall recorded across both regions. Daytime and night-time temperatures were close to average for spring in most places, and these mild conditions were perfectly suited to support strong shoot growth.

A freak hailstorm hit Eden Valley on the 28th of October, causing localised damage to some vineyards, impacting the fruitfulness of the vines and reducing the potential crops for this vintage. Thankfully this event occurred before flowering and fruit set, so the undamaged canes and unscathed vineyards still yielded good amounts of high-quality fruit across the region. Clare was unaffected by the storm and the perfect growing season ensured excellent potential crop loads across both our White Hutt and Polish Hill River vineyards.

Summer rainfall was low across the Clare and Eden Valleys, but thanks to the wet winter and spring there was plenty of soil and supplemental water to keep the vines fresh and to support ripening. Daytime and night-time temperatures were cooler than average across both regions, with the entire season being remarkably mild and temperate. The cooler temperatures and plentiful water ensured a long, slow ripening season with remarkable acid retention in the grapes.


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