2024 Rieslingfreak No.5 Clare Valley Off Dry Riesling
2024 Rieslingfreak No.5 Clare Valley Off Dry Riesling

Off Dry

2024 Clare Valley

Harvested from the family vineyard, situated in White Hutt, just north of the Clare township. The block selected for No.5 is grey clay over limestone, with the vines planted in an east/west direction. The nature of this block results in fruit of unique elegance and flavour with high natural acid retention; perfectly suited to producing exquisitely balanced Off Dry Riesling. A year like 2024 which is marked by boldly assertive flavour and an abundance of natural acidity in the grapes, provides for a perfect vintage to produce beautifully balanced Off Dry Riesling. The bouquet is richly imbued with sweet red apple and tropical fruit aromas, evoking a summer cocktail of pineapple, passionfruit and guava. These sweetly succulent aromas transition seamlessly onto lusciously flavoured palate, where the sweet tropical flavours are balanced by a delightful zing of sherbet-like acidity. The natural sweetness of the style adds an unctuous richness to the mid-palate, while the driving natural acidity imparts linearity and length with a crisp, clean finish.


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