2023 Rieslingfreak No.10 Zenit Riesling
2023 Rieslingfreak No.10 Zenit Riesling

The 2023 No.10 is a blend of 50% Polish Hill River (Clare Valley) and 50% Flaxman Valley (Eden Valley), from specially selected sites across three of our most outstanding vineyards of the year. The 2023 No.10 effortlessly harmonises the chalky, silken subtlety of Polish Hill River with unbridled potency and structural rigour of Flaxman Valley, creating a Riesling that is perfectly balanced with knife-edge precision. The bouquet is exquisitely perfumed, an enticing symphony of fresh lime, pink pomelo, lemongrass and rosewater. The palate is equally seductive; perfectly pure and pristine with a soft, velvety texture and gentle acidity that imparts a lithe elegance and graceful persistence to the finish. The ultimate expression of an exceptional Riesling vintage.


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