2022 Rieslingfreak No.11 \"Mosaik\" Eden Valley Riesling
2022 Rieslingfreak No.11 "Mosaik" Eden Valley Riesling
2022 Eden Valley

Our No.11 Mosaik brings together the elegance of Eden Valley Riesling, the exotic funk of wild-type yeast strains, and the supple phenolics and subtle spice of old French Oak barrels to create a complex masterpiece of flavour and texture. Matured for 12 months on full yeast lees in old French Oak Hogsheads, this wine is a uniquely creamy and textural Riesling experience. Aromas of sandalwood, cinnamon bark and creamy French Camembert are complemented by the rich fruit flavours of ripe lychee and pineapple, zesty lime cordial and dried rose petals. The decadently flavoured palate features succulently supple phenolics that bring texture and complexity to the lusciously creamy mid-palate, while the crisp, driving acidity brings the wine to a laser-focussed finish with exceptional persistence. A unique spin Riesling with wild appeal that is bound to intrigue and delight!


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