2019 Rieslingfreak No.1.618 - 2 pack
2019 Rieslingfreak No.1.618 - 2 pack

Inspired by the irrational number known as the “Golden Ratio", John and Belinda were inspired to create an (arguably) irrational interpretation of Riesling that would shake the foundations of what Australian Riesling is thought to be. Rieslingfreak No. 1.618 a unique addition to the Rieslingfreak lineage that we believe is the perfect wine embodiment of the Golden Ratio in technical precision, artistic beauty and indisputable intrigue.

A single puncheon of delicate 2019 Polish Hill River Riesling, carefully matured for 4 years in ancient oak. This wine is uniquely complex and richly decadent, unlike any other Australian Riesling. Extremely limited release that is a must-try for any true Rieslingfreak!


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