Rieslingfreak was established in 2009 by John Hughes. This follows John’s passion for the variety. Growing up on a small Riesling vineyard in the Clare Valley, South Australia, and with his parents having a wine cellar full of Riesling, John gained an interest for Riesling.

In 1990, John’s parents, Richard and Anne Hughes purchased a property in White Hutt, situated just north of the Clare township. The family planted the property with a number of grape varieties, which included Riesling. John’s father had the foresight to plant five patches of Riesling, looking at the various soil types on the property. Richard also planted different clones of Riesling. By having the combination of different soil types and clones, this has really allowed John to play and develop the the Rieslingfreak label.

One thing John loves about Riesling is the diversity of the variety. Rieslingfreak now makes a sparkling, fortified, dry, and sweet Rieslings, which is also made from a number of different regions. There are not many grape varieties in the world, that provides the versatility we see in Riesling.

Rieslingfreak now make Riesling from the Clare Valley, Polish Hill River and Eden Valley. Each vineyard has been hand picked to give the purity and essence of each region. Rieslingfreak now has a family of five growers, who are devoted to the Rieslingfreak brand, and we are looking forward to working with these growers for the next many years.

As you browse the website, you will notice each wine is numbered. The number represent the region and style which the wine has been made.

$270.00 / 3 bottles

Paying respect to the individual vineyard, the grower, and the grapes, by showcasing the best of the vintage. For the 2017 vintage, we would like to acknowledge growers Richard and Anne Hughes, White Hutt, Clare Valley. This style of Riesling has texture and complexity, combining subtle oak notes with citrus flavors and an acid line that will drive this wine many years into the future.