“Complete and utter dedication to Riesling, from the Eden and Clare valleys, made with meticulous care, thought and more. Every year, a whole host of different rieslings, each with its own reason for being. Modern Australian wine would be lesser without this single producer. Rieslingfreak is not just a quirk; it’s an essential.”

James Halliday, Halliday Top 100 Wineries of 2023

What I love about Riesling most, is the diversity of the grape. At Rieslingfreak we are deeply immersed in the variety and craft a range of Rieslings that are representative of both region and style. We source our Riesling from some of Australia’s top producing Riesling regions, including Clare Valley, Eden Valley and Polish Hill River.

Germany is the home of Riesling, and was one of the many reasons I fell in love with the variety. The German influence and traditional winemaking styles have had a great impact on our Rieslingfreak style, in particular our Sekt (sparkling), fortified, dry and sweet Rieslings. Each of our wines are handcrafted to produce regional and stylistic wines, that we believe signifies what Riesling is all about.

My passion for Riesling was noted in my university days, where I always had a bottle or two of Riesling to share, and soon became known as the “Riesling Freak”.


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