My love of Riesling began with
a childhood spent in the family vineyard.

John Hughes

Owner and winemaker of Rieslingfreak, John Hughes’ love of Riesling began with a childhood spent in the family vineyard in Penwortham, in the heart of the Clare Valley. In 1998, the family purchased another vineyard in White Hutt, just north of the Clare township, and John’s future was sealed.

John’s father, Richard, was responsible for his early interest in wine, sharing many exceptional aged Clare Valley Rieslings with him, developing John’s liking and appreciation for the grape. As he grew up, John’s interest led him to discover Rieslings from throughout the world, fueling his passion for the variety.

The first vintage of Rieslingfreak was in 2009, with a Clare Valley Riesling. Since then, the label has slowly expanded to include vineyards in Eden Valley and Polish Hill River. Together with several traditional dry wines, he also makes Riesling in off dry, Kabinett, fortified and sparkling styles.

“I earned the nickname ‘Riesling Freak’ during my university days, as it was always my beverage of choice. My love of this grape and its enormous diversity of styles has never waned, so when I started my own label, there was really only one thing I could call it.”
Each Rieslingfreak has it’s own unique number. This number representing the region where the grapes are harvested and the style which the wine is made.

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Rieslingfreak source grapes from a number of different vineyards. These vineyards play a vital role in the Rieslingfreak collection. Each individual vineyard is hand selected for the Rieslingfreak Rieslings. Rieslingfreak provides a range of Rieslings, representing both region and style. It is therefore important the selection of these vineyards have the classic attributes for each of the Rieslingfreak wines.

Our Vineyards

Rieslingfreak No.3, No.5, No.7 and No.9

These Rieslings are all selected from the family vineyard, in the Clare Valley. The vineyard is situated just north of the Clare township, in a sub region called White Hut. The vineyard is in it’s own very unique microclimate. Situated on the flats, in the middle of a...

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Rieslingfreak No.4

Fruit for the Eden Valley Riesling is sourced from two vineyards situated between Eden Valley and Flaxman’s Valley. One Riesling vineyard is owned by Michael Mason, situated approximately 3kms north-west of the Eden Valley township. The vineyard is planted on shallow...

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Rieslingfreak No.2 and No.8

These Rieslings are sourced from the Hill River Vineyards, which were acquired from Penfolds a number of years ago. The vineyard is situated in the sub region of Polish Hill River, approximately 5kms south-east of the Clare township. The vineyard is planted on grey...

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Kicking Goals Scholarship

Developed by John Hughes, to support children living in the Barossa Valley, who have a physical disability.