Rieslingfreak No.3, No.5, No.7 and No.9

These Rieslings are all selected from the family vineyard, in the Clare Valley. The vineyard is situated just north of the Clare township, in a sub region called White Hut. The vineyard is in it’s own very unique microclimate. Situated on the flats, in the middle of a valley. The vineyard is planted on heavy loam and red terra rosa soil. It is situated 500m above sea level, with an average rainfall of 550mm. The positioning of the vineyard, sees strong winds, however this is very useful when it comes to disease management. The vineyard contains five individual Riesling vineyards, and two different clones of Riesling. This allows me to hand select the grapes for the individual labels, ensuring each label is different, and truly represent both style and region. Vineyards in the White Hut region have a ‘hallmark’ of producing Rieslings that have big and rich fruit flavours.