2017 Rieslingfreak No.10 Zenit Riesling,

Zenit is the German word for Zenith, meaning pinnacle. This wine is a blend of Clare Valley (50%), Eden Valley (40%) and Polish Hill River (10%). The wine came into being as Belinda and I were putting together our ‘wedding wine’ – a bespoke blend just to be served on our wedding day. We had all the 2017 Rieslingfreak Rieslings on the tasting bench, and came up with a blend that stopped us in our tracks – this wine had a serious ‘wow’ factor for both of us! Belinda then came up with the idea of sharing this remarkable wine with the world as Rieslingfreak No.10.

Drinking this wine, I find myself always taken to another place. A place of elegance and finesse; a place I want to be. I suppose similar to a marriage, where you are with someone special; I find this wine, once I get hold of it, is just so difficult to let go. The wine has a rich and intense bouquet that evokes all the regions; stone fruit and citrus from Clare, sweet spice from Eden Valley and green apple from Polish Hill River. The palate is generous, yet refined; orange zest, slate, minerals, sweet spice, zesty citrus and salivating acid. The only problem with this wine, is one bottle is just not enough, and it is not available in magnums!

A maximum of six (6) bottles of 2017 Rieslingfreak No.10  will supplied per customer.


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