Schatzkammer is a cabinet where Germen winemakers store their ‘treasured’ wines, and to me this is my ‘treasured’ wine. This wine is made similar to a German Kabinett style. The wine is low in alcohol (7.0% v/v) and high in acid and sugar. The vineyard is situated in the Polish Hill River, Clare Valley. This vineyard was selected due to it’s ability to produce large vine canopy’s, large bunches and big berries. The vineyard has a history of producing very refined Rieslings, which is perfect for the “Kabinett’ like style.

The wine is amazingly balanced with 10.5g/L acid and 51g/L sugar. The wine has an abundance of floral and citrus aromas, followed by mineral, fresh limes and lemons and green apples. The wine drinks exceptionally well now, but will reward with long term cellaring.